Free-Z Parkour & Freerunning GmbH

Free-Z is a startup that was founded in 2012, based on a community of traceurs in the region of Zofingen in the north of Switzerland. Free-Z's aim is to spread parkour & freerunning in Switzerland and beyond - teaching proper and sustainable forms of training that focus on strengthening the human body and honing the interplay between it and the environment. The philosophy behind this sport is built around a very powerful idea: Through training our skills in overcoming physical obstacles, we develop a mental strength and attitude that enables us to tackle obstacles in other areas of life more courageously and successfully. Through trainings, workshops and shows, Free-Z conveys a form of parkour & freerunning that is aimed to form a new generation of courageous, strong, aware and respectful human beings. 



We are looking forward to hearing from you. You may contact us by e-mail: